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Customer Testimonials

My journey through the 12 week course with Christina has completely changed my life! She taught me that being healthy is a complete lifestyle. She helped re-wire my thoughts on food to see it as nutrition instead of comfort. I now find myself reading the nutrition and ingredient labels in the grocery store. I didn't do that before. I now can have comforting food that is nutritious as well! I have to say that this was a terrific experience and working with Christina was wonderful! She is very accommodating, she will customize the program to fit your needs, and she is very friendly and understanding. I love how she would strive to present a solution if I were struggling a bit, and she would encourage me in the best way possible.  I highly recommend Christina to be your health coach! She is passionate about health, and she is terrific at what she does! Thank you Christina! 

Keira P., Caryville, FL


Christina did a wonderful job coaching me on nutrition. She has a LOT of knowledge about the right foods to eat and is willing to search out things she doesn't. It was a pleasure learning from her.

Sandy W., American Fork, UT


It has been very beneficial working with Christina. She helped me become more aware of my eating habits and has provided excellent strategies that I can apply daily. I am forever grateful.


Dorothy B., Live Oak, FL