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Get healthy, be happy!

About Christina

     I live in Central Florida with my soul mate John of 22+ years, our 4 horses, 4.5 dogs and 3 cats whom are our kids and we love so much! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah with experience in home health care, hospice, counseling, and a wide variety other things. Up until last year I worked as a trail guide taking horseback rides near the Gulf Coast. I left due to the owner's emotional abuse because life is too short for negative people and negative energy! It was extremely difficult. However, after a series of life changing events, a minor but influential health issue and some soul searching I found the health coaching program and it sounded perfect for me! I feel that I've grown so much over the years into the healthy and happy (most days- ha) person I am today and wanted to learn more about how to help others do the same. I’ve always been a counselor of sorts and I love talking and learning about nutrition, health and well-being.  

     I’ve learned a ton over the years about food and nutrition, health, and wellness- both on my own and from others and from my health coaching program. I’ve come a long way but I'm not perfect (only God is!) and I’m always learning new ways of improving and trying new and different things. It’s a continuous journey! I love trying new recipes or tweaking old ones to make them healthier. I also like reading or researching different or new approaches to health and wellness. It's amazing the small changes you can make that can really help make you feel better, make your life simpler and be less stressed- while giving you more time for the things that you really want to do. Not only that, but along with healthy changes you will have the motivation, energy, strength and spirit to do what makes you happy. That in turn makes the people around you happy as well. We only have one body and we only live once so we should make the most of it! 

     Some people think it's weird that I don't eat animals, animal products or wheat and that I work out because it makes me feel good and happy. Well, I love animals so I don't eat them (it's pure cruelty, they're horrible for your health and their production is destroying our environment) and wheat has been so genetically modified that more than just the gluten can have a negative effect on health- and it's in everything! Also, our bodies were made to move and I like feeling strong, energetic and connected to my body so I do some sort of exercise and stretch out pretty much every day at home. I also ride our horses whenever I can :) 

     Does my partner follow a vegan/whole food, plant based lifestyle? Heck, no. Is that challenging? Sometimes. But by becoming fully vegetarian and feeling better about what I was eating made it so worth it. Then after giving up animal products completely, REALLY being happy, and feeling SO great in my body, mind and soul- and learning so much- it's been incredibly easy! We pretty much eat the same meals, just a little differently. We have tacos, pasta, pizza, burgers, muffins, chocolate truffles and so much more! It's about choice, health and love! And I'm extremely proud of John for making any healthier choice after listening to all I've learned over the years. Every little bit counts! 

     Am I going to force upon anyone a vegan/whole food, plant based lifestyle or any other lifestyle? Absolutely not!! And I will never judge you. I will however, share the amazing benefits of eating more plant based foods and the detriments to eating unhealthy foods. But your health and overall well being is about more than just the food you much more. And I am here to help you learn and to make one small healthy change at a time- whatever that may be- so your future will be lighter and brighter!

     I believe lots of people could be happier if they were healthier. I want to do that- to help people feel better from the inside out!