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Get healthy, be happy!

     Hi! Thanks for visiting. My name is Christina and I am the owner of Inside Out Health Coaching LLC. I am a Certified Health Coach and I love working with people to help them get healthier and feel better. I believe that if you have good health then it's possible to feel happier, less stressed, more confident and more energetic. Connecting and aligning the mind, body and spirit is an essential and integral part of health and happiness. Mental and physical health influence each other and I take a holistic approach when evaluating and planning a strategy of change for anyone. 

     To get started on your overall health and wellness journey, eat to nourish your body. You literally are what you eat and eating healthy does not mean sacrificing flavor or the foods you want to eat. Not at all. There are healthy versions or recipes for everything and you can honestly truly feel it when you start making those healthier choices- I know I did. And it does not (have to) cost more to eat healthy. It's one of the best investments you can make towards your future. Along with proper amounts of sleep and water, positive stress responses and relievers, getting enough Vitamin D (naturally, if possible), exercise and a strong support system you can create an extremely strong immune system which can protect you against a myriad of illnesses and diseases- naturally. You'll also feel good and have the energy and motivation to do other things as well. It can help you make positive changes in any aspect of your life. It can make you a good person to be and to be around. 

     Your mind, body and spirit are connected and everything influences the other- good or bad. How you live your life determines how long you live and how healthy and happy you are. We only live once so shouldn't we make the most of it? Lifestyle change is the future of healthcare. And it all starts with habit change. If you can change a habit or behavior then you can change your health- mental, physical, spiritual. And I can help.

     Over the years, I've had my own challenges with making healthy physical, mental and spiritual changes and have learned a ton. Change can sometimes be hard, but I can help guide you in the right direction while making it easy, fun and really rewarding. Whether you need to lose weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar levels, reduce caffeine intake, fight a food addiction, want to go gluten or dairy free, become vegetarian, vegan or whole food, plant based- I can help. If you want to reverse Type 2 Diabetes, I can help. I can also help you decrease stress levels, increase your energy, improve your sleeping habits, feel stronger and more confident, improve your relationships, de-clutter, get organized and be more mindful. I can help you strengthen the body, mind and spirit connection. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to become healthier and happier, I will be your motivator, teacher, leader, supporter and inspiring confidant.

     There's a lot of confusion, untold information and myths out there about nutrition, health and wellness. It's not about dieting, deprivation, militant exercise, guilt or blame. It's learning about simple healthy lifestyle choices that can greatly influence and improve your overall health and wellness. It's about learning to make those healthy choices and turning them into habits that last. Good health feels and looks good but it starts from within. I can help you on your journey- together we can get you on the path in the right direction, one step at a time. I am here to help you get healthy and be happy- from the inside out. Call today to set up a FREE discovery session that will be truly enlightening. I look forward to hearing from you!